Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Regarding Giveaway

I received a few e-mails asking if anything besides pet's is ok. It's absolutely acceptable! I'm just a curious cat who likes to see cute things :D ANYTHING including humans, dolls, even a shirt you find cute it totally acceptable :) so fear not if you don't own any pets! Thanks for all the entries so far! Keep them coming!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GIVEAWAY for 200+ followers!

OK, here's my giveaway for having 200 followers. I know it's nothing big, but I thought I'd show some appreciation to my readers/followers for checking out my blog!

- China Glaze Spontaneous
- China Glaze Salsa
- China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat
- OPI Pink Me I'm Good (that's right I'm giving up my bottle!)
- China Glaze Heart of Africa
- China Glaze Coconut Kiss
- Color Club Catwalk Queen
- Color Club Electronica
- Color Club Blue Hawaii
- Color Club Emerald Depths
- Massini Fall Promo Shade - Glitter
- Massini Fall Promo Shade - Metallic Silver
- Orly Star Bombay
- OPI Isn't That Precious (From PINK 2010 Collection)
- OPI It's A Girl! (From PINK 2010 Collection)
- OPI Pink-A-Doodle (From PINK 2010 Collection)
- Milani Purple Passion
- Milani Breezy

- Bath & Body Works body lotion in midnight pomegranate
- bareMinerals Lip Gloss in Chiffon
- Scented candle

Rules are pretty simple:

1) You must be a follower to my blog.
2) Enter by leaving a comment on this entry with your name and e-mail address.

For extra entries:
- You may blog about my giveaway (1 extra entry)
- Tweet about the giveaway (1 extra entry)
- E-mail me a cute picture of your pet (2 extra entries) [my e-mail address is :]

I want to see cute pictures of cats, dogs, hamsters, or any sort of pet you own. For those who don't own any pets, you can show me a picture of anything you own that you find cute.

I want to make this giveaway interesting, so that's the only reason I included the picture showing for two extra entries. I like to see cute pictures of cute things :D

If you do e-mail me a picture, please include your name as well so I can know who you are.

Also if you did any extra entries, provide links in your comment.

This is open to everyone and yes this includes international readers outside the United States :)

This giveaway starts now, and will end on May 22nd 11:59PM New York time. So you have almost a month to enter!

Winners will be announced on May 23rd.

Good luck to all and thanks for entering :)

Random Zoyas and my storage

Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since I've last posted but life's not going my way lately and I didn't have the passion to do any swatches or take pictures of them. But I decided to post some Zoya's I did in the past few weeks to show you guys.

Zoya Roxy - purple/magenta glitter

Zoya Irene - moss green shimmer

Zoya Charity - dusty mauve with gold shimmer

Zoya Alix - deep red creme

Zoya Happi - pink with gold/green flashes

Zoya Reece - dark pink mauve with golden finish

Zoya Adina - purple green duochrome


Green and purple shown

I love Zoya nail polishes, and they're doing their Nail Polish exchange once again. Check here for details!

I want to show you guys my nail polish storage. When I first started to 'collect' nail polishes, I used a simple Snapware Craft Organizer that came in two from Target. But my collection started to grow and grow and I end up buying more snapware. I've bought a total of 5. I don't think it was the perfect solution for me to store my nail polishes.

(Half collection)

That's when I decided to make a trip to Ikea and purchase two helmers to store them. And I love it. They're perfect :)

They fit nicely in my closet. The two boxes on the top are my untried nail polishes -_-

And I am getting ready to post a giveaway right after this entry so stay tune! Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A whole lot of randoms

Hey guys. Anyone else suffering from allergies? My head is pounding, my nose feels like it's about to fall off, and my eyes are so irritated that I need to put neosporin on the skin surrounding my eyes. This is brutal! Not even medicine is working and I hate it :(

I decided to just put a whole lot of randomness into this one single post because I have way too many pictures backed up. Before I go on, I must say the pictures aren't the greatest so please forgive me :)

OPI Give Me the Moon - pale silvery blue with slight iridescence. Three coats.

Misa Sorry Can't Help It - medium purple creme. Three coats

Lippmann Collection Call Me Irresponsible - purple jelly. A little sheer, 3 coats.

Sally Hansen Purple Pizazz - Purple with pinkish gold hints of glitter. Three coats

Orly Wild Wisteria - dark purple creme with blue hint. Sorry this picture was taken in flash, I could've sworn I took a picture of it with artificial lights but I can't seem to find it..

OPI Bubble Bath - a milky white with slight pink creme. Three coats

Milani Totally 80s - a yellow-green neon. Three coats. Gorgeous!

Milani Hot Pink - a dark hot pink with gold micro-glitters. Three coats.

Milani Fresh Teal - a neon teal. Three coats. (CON- stained the crap out of my nails)

Color Club Fashion Addict - silver purple holo. Three coats.

So majority of these are oldies but also some new ones.

I'm so excited to for the OPI Shrek Forever After Collection and the Essie Resort collection. Ah nail polish, why do I have such love towards thee?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Apparel Nail Polishes

Hey guys! I am utterly happy! Because.... one my mommy came back from China 2 days ago! I missed her so much :) and finally the weekend is here. Even more happier :)

So today I have for you guys American Apparel nail polishes. I can tell you that I don't really like American Apparel because the way they sell their products on their website is kind of disturbing to me. But I was willing to try their nail polish. Only four attracted my eyes.

Palm Springs - pale peachy melon. I expected this to be more peachy like CG Peachy keen but this one is very pale and light. This was 3 coats.

Hunter - deep forest green. Three coats.

Office - mint green. Three coats. I liked this color not because it's mint green, but I believe it's to be a true mint green.

Dynasty - dusty pink mauve. Three coats. I have an interest in mauvey colors I don't know why but I like this one.

So the formulas for these weren't so bad. I didn't have any problems with them. All were three coats so they will are evenly applied.

I don't think I'll be buying the other colors. The bottles for these are cute though, reminds me of Massini nail polishes, just better quality I suppose.

So yes that's all I have for today, I have plenty of pictures backed up to show. I just wish I had the time to write =/ Sorry for the lack of updates guys.

Monday, April 12, 2010

4 Barielle Wildflower Collection

Hey ladies! I am buggin' out with all these allergies :( I have two tissues shoved up my nose right.. sexy I know :) but I used up 2 boxes of tissues in one day haha insane.

Anyways, today I have four colors from the Barielle Wildflower Collection. I didn't get the other two being that they didn't interest me whatsoever.

Myzra's Meadow - a light green with a holographic glitters. I like this. 3 coats

June Bug - a blue gray mixed with blue, purple, red, and silver glitters. Very interesting. 3 coats.

Blossom - pink/peach creme. Love it! 3 coats

A Bouquet for Ava - bright teal creme. 3 coats

Formula on these were your typical Barielle formulas. Very thick and hard to work with. I did three coats not because out of habit but because they needed that many to even out. You can see some of the thickness especially on Myrza's Meadow. All four colors are unique in its own way. One bad effect for me was that, a bouquet of ava stain the crap out of my nails. After removal my nails wear stained teal. Even after a few weeks. It's been three weeks and my nails still show a little blue from this. That's the only negative about that polish.

So that is all I have for you guys today! Enjoy the summer weather!

Mucho love<3

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MAC Blue India

Hi lovelies! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. Momma is coming home this Thursday and I am super excited. I miss her so much!!

I have for you today, MAC Blue India from their Liberty of London collection. I didn't get Vestral White because I have it from the Hello Kitty Collection.

But anyways, Blue India is a muted blue. Looks a little "dirty" to me. I like it..

This is two coats. I am very surprised by the formula of this. It wasn't thick or streaky like their previous polishes. Maybe they are improving in their formula? Let's hope so. I don't know if these are still available at stores, but I think this is still available at

By the way, I have no idea why my fingers look so red.. lol

Another thing, I am super excited because my local mall is having a MAC store opening up there soon. I no longer have to order my MAC's online and can try them in stores. YAY me!

So that is all I have for you guys today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sephora by OPI Spam

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone had a great Easter :)

In honor of the anticipation for the Sephora by OPI Summer collection, I have for you guys a few of them that I never tried and finally did for the past week. I mean who else ain't eying Read My Palm. A light jade green! Hope it's not a disappointment though!

On with the swatches!

Worth My Weight - gold glitters with a few multicolor glitters visible. This was done in 3 coats but it was opaque in two.

Set the Mood - a pink/mauve shimmer in between metallic and frost. 3 coats.

Run With It - light gray with itty bitty red shimmers. Greatttttttttttt color :D done in 3 coats

Leaf Him at the Altar - a metallic-ish frost-ish leafy green. (yea great color description -_-) But this is my favorite thus far. This is from the Spring Modern Flowers collection, it was the only one I purchased. This was 3 coats.

Absinthe Makes the Heart - a gray green packed with microglitters. My picture is disgusting sorry. I couldn't get a good picture of it, got frustrated and stuck with this one. hehehe.. anyways this is my second favorite. I don't see this on the sephora website anymore though..

212-Sephora - black with iridescent gold and copper glitter. A few flakies can be seen also :) done in three coats. I also bought this because of the name. Yay for NY!

All of the applications were great. No problems for me at all. I have a habit of doing three coats when some only needs two -_-

So that is all I have for you guys today. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

RGB Minty

TGIF! Although my Friday is already over. It's like close to 1 AM here >_> so it's really Saturday, so happy weekend!

Ok I don't know if any of you are sick of mint greens yet, but I'm sure not xD

This is my first time trying RGB nail polish. And I can honestly tell you I have the slightest information about this brand. I saw Minty swatches on a few blogs and fell in love with it. And their brand can be purchased at their website at for $14 a bottle and complimentary shipping. Pricey? Yes.. considering the size of the bottle but what the heck, I love trying new things anyway.

Minty - mint green creme. duh! Some reason my picture makes it look slight blue hue in it, but I can tell you that it's mint green to my eyes (in person). Hope my eyes are not playing games with me.

This was done with 2 coats. The formula seem fine with me. Not streaky at all however it was a tad thick to me. But I've worked with far worst formulas, so this was nothing to me.

So that is that. Will any of you mint green lovers be splurging $14 for this? I don't regret buying this tho..