Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OPI Blue Shatters Swatches & Review

I took off work today because I was extremely tired and wasn't feeling well. I had a great birthday weekend, and I would like to thank everyone for wishing me a happy birthday :) I turned 24 but I swear I still feel like I'm 16 haha =P

Well today I have OPI Blue Shatters to share with you guys today. Yes more shatters! It has three new shatters, Navy Shatter, Blue Shatter, and Turquoise Shatter. Take a look!

Navy Shatter - this is over Color Club's Twiggie

Blue Shatter over white

Turquoise Shatter over white

I loved all three of them. I wasn't being creative with the colors by just putting them over white. I think I will be playing around with them just to see what colors would look good. The turquoise one didn't shatter as much as the others but it still cracked a lot.

I can't get enough of shatters ^_^

Keeping this post short because I have to head to bed soon, got work tomorrow :( As much as I don't want to go, I'll have to. Sigh!

(These were sent to me for review)

Friday, May 20, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Carribbean on Stranger Tides Collection Swatches & Review

In honor of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides debuting today, I have the OPI Pirates of the Carribbean on Stranger Tides Collection to share with you guys tonight. And I have to be honest, I have never watched any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but fear not because I have all three movies so I can catch up and then watch the fourth movie soon :)

So this collection consists of 6 pastel like cremes and a silver shatter. Let me first say the silver shatter is amazing. In my pictures it might look a little dull because my camera cannot really capture the shimmer in the silver and the contrast between the pastels. First set of photos are the six pastel shades with no top coat. And the second set of pictures are with silver shatter over them.

Planks A Lot is a medium lavender creme. 3 coats

Sparrow Me the Drama is a rosey pink creme. 3 coats

Steady As She Rose is a greyed out super light pink creme. 3 coats. Such a unique color!

Skulls & Glossbones is a light grey creme. 3 coats. I do not know why my camera made it appear green-ish. I went through every photo I took of this swatch and it all appeared green-ish. In person, this is really a light grey creme that is a bit close to beige.

Stranger Tides is a greyish green creme. 3 coats. Now this one is correct. It is indeed a green grey, or grey green. This is my favorite one!

Mermaid Tears is a turquoise close to mint green creme. 3 coats. It's not bright enough to be a mint green, but I still think its pretty sexy xD

And here are them with silver shatter over them!

Silver Shatter over Planks A Lot

Silver Shatter over Sparrow Me the Drama

Silver Shatter over Stead As She Rose

Silver Shatter over Skull & Glossbones

Silver Shatter over Stranger Tides

Silver Shatter over Mermaid Tears

Now the formula for these were a excellent. I didn't have any problems with application whatsoever. They weren't fully opaque therefore they all required 3 coats to reach bottle color. I must say I am really in love with the Silver Shatter. It is by far my favorite shatter ever!

What did you guys think of this collection? I really loved it because I love pastels and the silver shatter just made it even more amazing!

Well that's all I have for tonight!

P.S- It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Oh Rebecca Black, your song is Friday's Anthem..

(These were sent to me for review)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego Collection Spring 2011

Hey guys! I know I haven't posted in awhile but I've been super busy and I am very behind in posting my swatches and review. I think I will be scheduling a few posts soon when I get the time. I have so much to show!

Today I have Color Club's Alter Ego collection. The collection contains two sets; Reveal Your Mystery, which consists six cremes, and Alter Ego Keep it Under Cover, which consists of six shimmers. I was a little iffy about buying the whole collection, and I must admit I do regret buying the whole collection. You'll see why after.

Reveal Your Mystery Set

Secret Rendezvous is a lavender creme. 3 coats

Sheer Disguise is a light grey creme. 3 coats

Give Me a Hint is a taupe/grey/purple creme. 3 coats

Get A Clue is a soft pastel pink creme. 3 coats

Incognito is a sheer nude creme. 3 coats

Revealed is a peachy pink creme. 3 coats

These cremes were a little bit tough to handle. They all required three coats for me for full coverage. Three coats wasn't even a choice. The formula was a little thin but still manageable. Colors were seen before and nothing special. I didn't have a favorite from this set.

Alter Ego Keep it Under Cover Set

Alter Ego is a grey-purple base with flecks of gold and silver. Similar to Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong but more shiny. 3 coats

Ulterior Motive is a dark fuchsia shimmer with flashes of pink and purple shimmer. 3 coats

Masquerading is a metallic grey steel. 2 coats. A little bit streaky with visible brush strokes, but that's how all metallic are anyway.

Alias is a blue purple with glass flecks and flashes of green, pink, silver shimmer. 3 coats. Very awesome color that needs to be seen in person to value!

Secret Agent is a bright purple with frost-like finish. 2 coats. My picture makes it appear more blue than it is.

Total Mystery is a blue purple shimmer. 3 coats

In this collection, I actually have a few choices that I like. My favorites happens to be alias, alter ego, and total mystery. Those three colors shine out from the rest and it's quite unique. The formula was these were also a bit on the thin side. Majority of them also needed three coats for full coverage but as you can see on some pictures there is still visible nail line.

What do you guys think of this collection? Any favorites?

That's all I have for today!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

OPI Serena Glam Slam! France - Spark de Triomphe & White Shatter

Today I have the other Serena Glam Slam France collection with Spark de Triomphe and White Shatter. I see that a lot of you agreed that the other collection combo didn't look that great. This one is a different story, I thought the color combos were much better!

Spark de Triomphe is a silver gold glitter. The glitters have tiny specks, and a few larger pieces of glitter. It was sheer with one coat, so I did three for a full coverage. I love glitters, therefore I actually like this one. It looks a little gold mixed with silver or vice versa.

White Shatter over Spark de Triomphe

It definitely looks good. I also feel that this White Shatter is more opaque than the White Crackle from China Glaze. But anyways, I love how the goldish silver glitter peaks out from the White Shatter which makes it look quite interesting.

And of course the formula was perfect in every way. I didn't have trouble with 'balding' for the glitters but I think it's because I let it dry for a bit before applying the next coats. Nevertheless, this one is a sure WIN for me, haha.

Do you guys like this combo more than the Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter?

That is all I have for today!

(These were sent to me for review)

Friday, May 6, 2011

OPI Serena Glam Slam! France - Rally Pretty Pink & Red Shatter

Greetings all! Today I have for you OPI's Serena Glam Slam France collection in Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter. But first thing first, a winner has been chosen randomly for my Spring Cleaning Giveaway. The winner has been notified by e-mail, please be sure to check your spam mail in case my e-mail landed up there.

I have been obsessed with shatter nail polishes ever since China Glaze came out with a few colors for their Crackle collection, therefore I was "rally" (lol) excited to hear that OPI is coming out with more colors for Shatters!

Rally Pretty Pink is a deep pink with a mauve, plum, and brown base, packed with luminous gold sparkle. It's a little sheer, this was under two coats and there is still visible nail line, but that is fine. I think this color is pretty alone!

Red Shatter over Rally Pretty Pink

I can not wait to start playing with the red shatter, I have already thought of many bases to try. It is a true red shatter!

The formula for these are excellent. I have no complaints for them. OPI is by far my top favorite nail polish brands. However, I do feel that these two colors looks a bit strange together, maybe it's just me. I thought Rally Pretty Pink was pretty enough to wear alone, but I also felt that the red shatter did not 'shine' over Rally Pretty Pink. However, the Red Shatter made the gold in Rally Pretty Pink shine even more. I love how it looks slightly sheer over it as well.

Well that is all I have for today, what do you guys think of these two duos?

(These were sent to me for review)

Monday, May 2, 2011

MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquers

Today I have for you nail lacquers from the MAC Quite Cute collection. I didn't purchase anything else from the collection because I'm trying to save money, and also because there was nothing that really suited me. It didn't really make sense that I purchased three polishes with colors not at all unique and costs $14 right? Yea I agree, but I have a spending problem, especially for nail polishes lol Well take a look at them!

Little Girl Type is a pastel lavender creme. 2 coats

Ice Cream Cake is a pastel pink creme. 2 coats

Mischievous Mint is a mint green creme. 2 coats

Surprisingly the formula were pretty good. I see that MAC has been improving their formulas compared to their infamous Peppermint Patti. It wasn't streaky at all, and it applied evenly after 2 coats. However, these colors are definitely not unique and must haves. I assure there are dupes for these but I am just too lazy to go through my stash for them, so spare me :P

Well that's all I have for today!

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