Saturday, December 31, 2011

Deborah Lippmann for Gaga's Workshop Edge of Glory

Happy New Years Eve! Today I have the infamous Deborah Lippmann for Gaga's Workshop the Edge of Glory two step 3D holographic set. This set was made exclusively for the workshop in Barneys. It retails for $45 and is still available at the Barneys website.

Normally, I would not spend $45 on a set of polishes that can be easily dupeable, but I knew I would regret it if I don't buy it and if it ever goes out of stock. But I didn't do it for that reason, the other reason is that it's also for charity. Here's a little information about Gaga's workshop:

A unique collaboration with Lady Gaga, the campaign brings together renowned creative talents
including artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of assume vivid astro focus (avaf)
and Mugler Creative Director and Lady Gaga Fashion Director, Nicola Formichetti, to create
Lady Gaga’s interpretation of the iconic Santa’s Workshop.

For the first time ever, Barneys New York will convert an entire floor of its Madison Avenue flagship
in New York City into a dedicated space for this holiday initiative. Working with the Barneys New York
team in collaboration with creative director Dennis Freedman, avaf has designed the interiors
and signature artwork for GAGA’S WORKSHOP, which will also be featured on
special holiday shopping bags and packaging.

In honor of this special project, Barneys New York is proud to donate 25% of sales from all items
featured in GAGA’S WORKSHOP to the Born This Way Foundation, recently launched by Lady Gaga.
The Born This Way Foundation will focus on youth empowerment and equality by addressing issues
such as self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring, and career development –
and will utilize digital mobilization as one means to create positive change.

Edge of Glory base is a black creme, opaque in one coat, but this was done in two coats, no top coat.

Edge of Glory holographic top coat is a mix of blue, orange, green, red flakies.

I know a lot of you are thinking that $45 for these two is crazy, but you know it was for a good cause, and I'm happy with the polishes, so it's a win-win situation! There may or may not be a dupe coming out from Finger Paints Special Effects, if I ever get my hands on them, I will do a comparison for you guys!

But that's all I have for today, now let's countdown to 2012!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite films growing up (even though I was petrified of him). I was very excited to hear that Models Own is coming out with a collection called Beetlejuice and have duochromes! I was unfortunate to miss out when it first released, so I waited for the box set to be back in stock before purchasing. This is my first time trying Models Own polishes!

Pinky Brown is a dark pink, orange, and brown multi-chrome with glass fleck finish. 3 coats.

Here is more of the brown color in different angle/lighting.

Golden Green is an olive green with flashes of gold. 2 coats. I don't know if my top coat is to blame for the bubbling of this one because I used the same top coat over the others and it didn't bubble like that!

Aqua Violet is a blue and violet duochrome. 2 coats. This one is my favorite. I caught so much attention with this polish, and a salesperson in Macy's even asked me where she can get it!

Flashes of violet.

The duochrome visible.

It's quite similar to Deborah Lippmann's Money Now Sleep Later but not duplicate of it. I will definitely do a comparison of the two once I have time!

Emerald Black is a blackened green shimmer. 2 coats.

Purple Blue is a purple, blue, and fuchsia multi-chrome with glass fleck finish. 3 coats. This one was quite hard to capture in photos, I tried my best and it's as accurate as I can get.

Here it is in low lighting, which shows the duochrome.

The formula for these were decent. They were a little thick for me, but nothing too hard to work with. My first time trying Models Own polishes and I am not disappointed at all, especially with the colors! These are available at Models Own website. They ship from the UK, so after shipping and everything, the total came out to about $50 USD a little less. Which I think is decent priced for five polishes. It also came with a top coat that I have yet to try.

And I must add my favorite part of the movie:

Well that's all I have for today, what do you guys think of this collection?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

MAC Festive Finery and Unconditionally Fabulous

While browsing through my pictures, I realized these two were never posted when it should've been posted in the beginning of the month! MAC Festive Finery and Unconditionally Fabulous came from the Glitter & Ice collection. Aside from a lipstick, these two polishes were the only items purchased from the collection.

Festive Finery is a plum brown creme. 2 coats. This color is very hard to describe, it's kind of a dusty like purple, with a mix of taupe and gray.

Unconditionally Fabulous is a round holo glitter in a clear base. In the picture I did it over Festive Finery. I heard this is very similar to Deborah Lippmann's Stairway to Heaven, and China Glaze Snow Globe, I wouldn't know because I don't own any of the two (yet!).

The formula for these were pretty good. Festive Finery applied very evenly and smooth. I remember I used to dislike MAC polishes because the formula was so streaky, I am happy they have improved! The only downside to these is that they retail for $16 per bottle, and they are still available today at the MAC website.

What do you guys think of these two?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nails Inc. Flakies

Hey all! Keeping my promise of having a post every day, until the new year! Today I have three sets from Nails Inc to share with you guys. The three sets consists of one creme color and one flakie top coat! Yes FLAKIES! Let's have a look!

The Old Vic Collection

Patent Black Taxi is a black creme. 1 coat, no top coat

The Old Vic Overglaze Top Coat is a blue flakie, done over Patent Black Taxi.

A better look at the blue flakies.

The Wyndham Collection

Teal Black Kensington is blackened teal. 1 coat, no top coat.

The Wyndham Overglaze top coat is a lime green flakie, done over Teal Black Kensington.

The Donmar Collection

Plum Black Chelsea is a blackened red creme, 1 coat, no top coat. Apparently this one wasn't as opaque as the others, and I didn't realize that until I took the pictures. Oops! ^_^

The Donmar Overglaze top coat is a orange and green flakie, done over Plum Black Chelsea.

I think the nail polish Gods are listening to us Fanatic's prayers. We're getting so much flakies! With this and the new Finger Paint Special Effects? This is so exciting!

The formula for these were pretty good. The flakies applied pretty well with one coat. They retail for $20 per set and is available at Sephora. I just wished they sold the flakie top coats on its own instead of in a set. The three creme's I would've definitely skipped because they are easily dupeable. We can never get enough of flakies, keep 'em coming!

What do you guys think of the three sets?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Barney Exclusives

Today I have Deborah Lippmann's Money Now Sleep Later and The Future Is Yours, which are exclusives to Barneys. I didn't even know this even existed if I wasn't browsing around for the Edge of Glory holographic polish (which will be reviewed soon).

Money Now Sleep Later is a duochrome of teal aqua and purple with a slight metallic finish. 3 coats.

Money Now Sleep Later reminded me of Wicked Game but the teal and purple version!

This picture shows more of the duochrome, here you can see a slight green hint to the aqua color.

The Future Is Yours is a sheer duochrome of lavender and iredescent blue. 4 coats.

This pictures shows more of the lavender.

The Future Is Yours over black. Now that's amazing! Look at how the color just pops out over black. It's a little similar to Money Now Sleep Later with a more deep color.

This angle shows more of the duochrome for The Future Is Yours!

Deborah Lippmann polishes always have good formula, this applied evenly. But since they have a slight metallic finish, there were visible brush strokes but that vanished a little after a top coat was added.

I love both of these and I thought it was worth every penny. The sad news is I don't see these on Barney's website anymore. I don't know if it's still available in stores, so if you do want this I hope it's still available in stores!

Well that's all I have for today! What do you guys think of the two?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tony Moly Nail Polish Galaxy GT Line Collection

Today I have a brand of polish from South Korea that is pretty well known already, Tony Moly. The collection is called the Galaxy GT Line and it is a total glitter bomb collection (perhaps that's the reason it's well known here in the U.S). I was able to purchase these on eBay. There are multiple sellers selling these polishes, just read their feedbacks to make sure they are legit.

GT01 Mercury has silver, red, and blue glitters in a charcoal base. 2 coats

GT02 Earth has a mix of light blue and grey micro glitters mixed with larger pink glitters in a blueish black base. 2 coats.

GT03 Mars has light brown and orange micro glitters infused with larger copper glitters in a dark brown base. 2 coats.

GT04 Neptune has some silver, green and yellow green glitters in a dark green base. 2 coats.

GT05 Jupiter has orange and purple micro glitters mixed with blue and green glitters in a purple base. 2 coats.

The formula for these were a little thick, but that's expected of glitters. But they were quite opaque in one coat, but I added an additional coat to even it out. Interestingly enough, these don't have a huge nail polish scent like most polishes do. I can't really describe the smell to you, as that is quite a challenge for me. All these have one coat of top coat over them, and that was enough to smooth things out. It wasn't bumpy and gritty like all other glitter polishes.

These are extremely glittery. If you're a glitter fan like I am, you would not regret ordering these. They're great for your collection (in my opinion)

Do you own the Tony Moly Galaxy GT Line collection? Which is your favorite?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas all! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday! Hope everyone's Christmas is filled with love, happiness, and joy! Also hope you guys received everything on your wishlist :)

Today I have three nail art to share! I couldn't stick with one, and decided to do three. Let's have a look!

First one is penguins with Santa hats! My penguins didn't turned out the way I really wanted them to look. I kind of messed up on the eyes, therefore I call them my stunned penguins!

Polishes used:
-OPI What's with the Cattitude?
-OPI The "IT" Color
-Sally Hansen Black Out
-Color Club Art Club nail art in white
-Color Club Art Club nail art in red

Second one is candy cane inspired nails! I decided to do them as tips, and a whole look on the ring finger.

Polishes used:
-Essie Red Nouveau
-Essie Mademoiselle
-Color Club Art Club nail art in white
-Color Club Art Club nail art in gold glitter

And finally I was browsing YouTube and ended up on a Christmas Gift wrap nail from misschievous. And you can view her tutorial here. Instead of using round rhinestones, I used star shaped rhinestones.

Polishes used:
-China Glaze Ruby Pumps
-China Glaze Emerald Sparkle
-Color Club Art Club nail art in white

I really loved the Christmas gift wrap one, but the rhinestone kind of gets in the way of things, and it actually gave me a tiny cut on my arm when I was fixing my sleeves. I just wished my penguins turned out looking cute instead of stunned lol.

Well that's all I have for today! Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Zoya Feel Collection Swatches & Review

Hey all! I'm off from work for a week so I'll have time to catch up! Today I have Zoya's Feel collection to share with you guys. The Feel collection consists of 6 soft shades, quite perfect for the Winter feel and look.

Kristen is a soft light blue mixed with gray creme. 2 coats

Carey is a grey creme that has slight lavender hint to it. 2 coats.

Megan is a pastel lavender creme. 2 coats.

Kendal is a dusty purple pink grey mixed creme. 2 coats.

Kennedy is a light rosey creme. 2 coats.

Avery is a beige creme. 2 coats.

The formula for these were excellent. They were very creamy and applies so smooth. They are also opaque with just two coats. The colors are pretty and not your average dark winter colors which I like!

I'm a big fan of cremes so I loved this whole collection. My favorite is Kristen!

What do you guys think of this collection?

(These were sent to me for review)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Noir Collection Nail Lacquers

Today I have the nail lacquers from the Hello Kitty Noir Collection to share with you guys. These are available at Sephora, retailing at $10 a bottle. I got these during their Friends and Family discount :)

Red Sparkle is red glitter with flashes of gold. 3 coats

Gold Star is gold micro glitters. 3 coats

Night Sparkle is a blackened olive green shimmer. 2 coats

Silver Star is a dark silver glitter with big round holographic glitters. 3 coats.

The formula for these were pretty good. I couldn't help but love the bottles. I find it absolutely adorable. For glitters they were pretty smooth, only one coat of top coat was required. My favorite is actually Gold Star. Even though it's not unique (I mean how many gold glitters do we have/know) there's something about it that caught my attention.

I'm not super impressed with the nail polishes for this collection, but I absolutely love the palettes and the brush sets. But being the Hello Kitty fanatic I am, I had to have these.

What do you guys think of these?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Glitters from the Sephora by OPI Glimmer Wonderland Collection

Hey all! I know I've been slacking on the updates and everything, but my family from Venezuela just moved here to New York and they don't speak a word of English. I've been running around helping them with errands and getting them settled so I've been quite busy. But anyways, today I have four glitters from the Sephora by OPI Glimmer Wonderland Collection. I decided to get only the glitters because it's the only ones that caught my eyes.

Don't Be Eggnog-ious is a mix of copper glitter and big glitters in a clear base. 3 coats

Be-Claus I Said So is a mix of red glitters with a few big glitters in a clear base. 3 coats.

Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild is a lavender glitter and big glitters in a clear base. 3 coats (the name totally makes me laugh)

Good Tidings We Bling! is a mix of red and green glitters with big glitters in a clear base. 3 coats.

Here are they over white, from left to right, Good Tidings We Bling!, Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild, Be-Claus I Said So, and Don't Be Eggnog-ious

I love how they look over white, especially Sugar Plum Fairies and Good Tidings We Bling! The formula were good for them. Since they were in a clear base, it was a bit hard to reach opacity for each. Three coats did the job for all of them except for GTWB. I liked all four of them and it was a bit hard to choose a favorite. Overall, these are great glitters for the holidays and also make great stocking stuffers! ;)

What do you guys think of these glitters?