Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HITS Powerpuff Girls

Today I have another HITS set of polishes to share with you guys, this time it's from their Powerpuff Girls collection. I couldn't help but LOVE the bottles for these. I used to be a huge Powerpuff Girls fan. Come on, I was like probably 13? Those huge eyes, and they save the townsville ALL the time! Bubbles used to be my favorite, until I realized Buttercup is more badass. The bottles were the reason I bought a few of these polishes in the first place. Let's have a look!

Doce de Leite is a pale peachy creme. 3 coats.

Lovely is a pastel yellow creme. 3 coats. This one gave me so much frustration because application was pretty tough. I'll discuss formula later on.

Docinho is a pastel mint green creme. 3 coats.

Powerful is a teal creme with a semi jelly finish. 2 coats.

OK, cute bottles aside. These got me quite frustrated because of the formula. It was super thick and gooey and super hard to apply, especially Lovely. It took a lot of patience for me to get it to look like that. On a positive note, these did dry pretty fast, being that they mostly needed three coats. It was a bit tough getting them to even out, but adding a top coat did smooth most of the things out. Colors are indeed not unique at all and easily dupeable. I was going to buy Element X but after trying the formula I decided against it and just save my money. However, I didn't have the same problem with Mari Moon Cool. Do I dare to try more polishes from this brand in the future? I'm not too sure, unless a color is like super awesome.

Well these are available at llarowe's for $8.00 a bottle.

What do you guys think of these?

Monday, February 27, 2012

OPI Holland Collection Swatches & Review

Today I have OPI's Holland Collection swatches and review. I was really excited for this collection when I saw the promo. I saw a few colors that are appropriate for Spring colors and some out of the ordinary colors, but that's totally fine with me, I love a twist! Bottle pictures First!

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes is a rosey peach with subtle hints of gold shimmer in it. 2 coats.

I Don't Give A Rotterdam! is a slate blue with gold and silver shimmers. 2 coats. I don't know if my eyes were playing games with me, but I also see a few black or dark blue speckles in it as well.

I Have A Herring Problem is a darker version of I Don't Give a Rotterdam! I wouldn't say darker, it's more dustier, but it also carries the same gold and silver shimmers. 2 coats.

A Roll in the Hague is a super bright orange creme. This was done in 2 coats. It's close enough to call it a neon orange, but it's not exactly neon. It's just super bright, and you need to see it in person to like this orange.

Do You 'Ear About Van Gogh? is a sandy beige creme. 2 coats

Dutch'ya Just Love OPI? is a purple base with pink and golden orange shimmers. 2 coats. Gorgeous color.

Thanks a Windmillion is a pale sea foam green creme. 2 coats.

Vampsterdam is a frosty purple with a hint of brown to it. 2 coats. This was a very interesting color to add to the collection!

Wooden Shoe Like to Know? is a brown base with golden pink/copper shimmers. 2 coats

Kiss Me On My Tulips is a bright hot pink creme. 2 coats. Now I know it doesn't look hot pink in my picture, but it's more hot pink in person. This one was very hard to capture on camera. I always have problems with neon like polishes.

Pedal Faster Suzi! is a pale pink with silver and white shimmers. 2 coats. Ignore the little balding spot on my ring finger! I should've done 3 coats for this one.

Red Lights Ahead...Where? is a bright red-orange creme. 2 coats. Super blinding.

The formula for these were pretty good. I didn't have any problems applying any of these. Majority of them were opaque under two coats, with a few exceptions that needed three. It wasn't thick or thin, just perfect.

As for the colors and favorites, I'd have to say I love Thanks a Windmillion, Dutch'ya Just Love OPI? and Wooden Shoe Like to Know. The rest are great colors for the Spring and I would definitely wear again. I like that they included some dark shades for this collection. Vampsterdam was a surprise to the collection. Awesome collection in my opinion.

What do you guys think of this collection?

(These were sent to me for review.)

Friday, February 17, 2012

HITS Mari Moon Cool

Today I have HITS Mari Moon in Cool to share with you guys. If I remember correctly, I *believe* HITS is a brand from Brazil. I was able to purchase this at llarowe's for $8. The bottle size is about the size of a nail art bottle here in USA. I've always love to try polishes from different countries, and I was pretty happy to be able to purchase them. HITS Mari Moon are collections of multi-chrome polishes. I was only able to get Cool at the time, and I will definitely getting more once I'm able to!

HITS Mari Moon Cool is a multi-chrome of olive green, gold, blue, and slight purple. This polish is amazing and it is a must see in person to appreciate it. It's everything we wished Chanel Peridot is. Peridot is beautiful, but I know we all wished it had that flash of blue like it did in the bottle. Well fear not, because this polish actually does flash blue! I took a variety of pictures in different lighting and angles; hoping to able to show you the chameleon of this polish.

The formula for this was a bit on the thick side, however dry time was amazingly fast. Maybe that's why it's so thick. I didn't have TOO much trouble applying it, but there are visible brush strokes and that's a bit hard to avoid. I had this polish on for four days maxed, and there were no chips; however there were tip wear.

Well aside from the formula being a bit thick, I didn't mind at all because of the gorgeous outcome of this polish. What do you all think about this polish?

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Lynnderella Swatches & Review

Well for those out there trying to get Lynnderella polishes know it's like impossible! Well it's possible just very tough. But I'm urging my readers to PLEASE be patient and to NOT purchase on eBay no matter HOW bad you want some Lynnderella's. Lynn made these polishes herself with passion and SHE should profit the money not some money hungry person. If you fail the first time, be patient and wait for the next one. Subscibe to Leah Ann's site llarowe so you can get updates on when Lynnderella's are available. I am not saying this to kiss a$$ to them but this is how I truly feel.

And that was exactly how I was able to purchase five polishes that I have for you ladies today. Of course I'll be constantly stalking llarowe to see if I can get the new collection!

Group shot

Shape Shifter is a mixed holographic glitter shapes in different varieties. I did this over a blackened teal so it won't be completely black and have a little color. There's a mix of diamond, square, hex, tiny, and bar glitters.

Blurred pic of Shape Shifter to show the holo

A square I happen to get on my nail

A diamond shaped glitter

Gotta Love Brains is a sheer gray with pink, blue, aqua, silver glitter in different shapes. This is two coats over Sally Hansen's Eel Skin. This reminds me a little of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air because of the soft shades of the glitter.

Bride of Franken is a purple shimmer with hologaphic micro glitter and blue iridescent glitters mixed with the bunch. I did two coats over Wet n Wild On A Trip. And boy do I love the turn out of this one. I love how the blue glitters just pops out of no where in certain lighting.

This angle shows more of the blue

A blurred picture to show some of the sligh holo glitters.

Snow Angel is a shimmerry hex and square glitters in a sheer frosted white base. I did two coats over white. This is very hard to photograph as the glitters are quite subtle. I tried doing it over black and it just takes out the innocence of this polish, so I decided to just keep it over a white. My picture does no justice to polish. It's a definitely must see in person.

Connect the Dots is a mix of black and white glitters, bar, square, and oval in a clear base. I did it over a hot pink from China Glaze. I can't really remember the name but I *believe* it's Flip Flop Fantasy. But anyways, Connect the Dots is an instant nail art polish. It goes with so many colors because it's black and white, and it applies like you just splattered it on your nails. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Ok so the formula for these were amazing. They applied so smoothly, but that's also because most of these were over a base color. Nevertheless, it's still amazing. The only problem is that I needed at least two coats of top coat to smooth out the glitters, but that's never an issue for me since I barely keep my nails longer than 3 days. So even though I was showing minimal tip wear, it still looked awesome on my nails. I can't pick one favorite because I love all five of them. These are $15 at llarowe. But I feel it was worth every penny in my wallet.

Lynnderella polishes will only be available for purchase through Leah Ann. Once again I urge you to be patient and only purchase from her and not rely on eBay!

And that's all I have for today!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Swatches & Review

Today I have OPI's Nicki Minaj collection to share with you guys. I was very excited when I heard that Nicki Minaj and OPI teamed to create a collection with five colors and a shatter color. I am a huge Nicki Minaj fan, loved her ever since her first single. I love her unique style and quirky personality. On with the swatches!

Did It On 'Em is a bright lime-like green creme. 3 coats. For those who don't know Nicki Minaj's music, the name of this polish might sound a little dirty. But it's one of her song title from the Pink Friday album, which leads to the next color.

Pink Friday is a bright girly bubble gum pink creme. 2 coats. I really love this type of pink!

Fly is bright blue teal creme. 2 coats.

Save Me is filled with small silver glitters and teal blue and holographic bar glitters in a clear base. 4 coats. I love how glittery this one is!

Blurred picture of Save Me to show you guys the holographic bar glitters.

Metallic 4 Life is a jelly-like black base with small and hex silver glitters. 3 coats.

The collection also came with a deep purple shimmer shatter called Super Bass Shatter. Here's the purple shatter I've been searching for! It looks different over different types of base colors.

Super Bass Shatter over Did It On 'Em

Super Bass Shatter over Pink Friday

Super Bass Shatter over Fly

Super Bass Shatter over Save Me

The formula for these were pretty good. I only had trouble applying Metallic 4 Life because it was a bit on the thick side, but it was nothing too hard to work with. All the creme's applied very smoothly with no problems. Only Did It On 'Em required four coats, and since Save Me was a glitter in clear base, it required four. I have no complaints with the formula for this collection.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the collection. I know most of the cremes are dupeable, only Save Me and Metallic 4 Life is unique color wise. My favorites happens to be Save Me, and Pink Friday! I think Pink Friday will be my Valentine's Day mani with some nail art to it!

Well that's all I have for today, what do you guys think of this collection?

(These were sent to me for review)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glass Slipper

Today I have Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in Glass Slipper to share with you guys. I was browsing around Duane Reade one day and stumbled by a new collection of Diamond Strength in new bottle shapes! Nothing really attracted my eyes but Glass Slipper!

Glass Slipper over black. Glass slipper is a silver white flakie in variety of shapes. I really hope Sally Hansen makes more flakies in the future since Treasure Island was such a beautiful flakie.

Glass Slipper with flash

Glass Slipper with no flash, the flakies are more visible here.

Since this was a top coat, it was no trouble to apply at all. I think this would've looked more gorgeous over a white. Maybe I will try that next time! I can't really remember the price I paid it probably ranges somewhere from $4-$6. But it was sure worth it since I don't have anything like this.

Well that's all I have for today, did any of you purchase Glass Slipper as well?