Monday, January 21, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Collection Swatches & Review

Today I have OPI Mariah Carey Collection to share with you! This collection consists of 3 colors and one glitter and four liquid sand finish polishes. The liquid sand is a matte gritty glitter finish, very interesting! Take a look at the collection.

Anti-Bleak is a plum purple creme. 2 coats. This polish really depends on lighting, here it looks like a plum purple but at other lighting it looks more reddish purple.

Pink Yet Lavender is a mix of light pink hex glitters, some lilac and holo glitters in clear base. Here I did one coat over anti-bleak and I really like the two together!

Sprung is a copper shimmer. 2 coats. This one was a little bit sheer, I should've done three coats for this one, the color is quite stunning depending on your lighting.

A Butterfly Moment is a pinkish peach with golden shimmers. 2 coats. Oh this is a beautiful elegant color. I love how simple yet gorgeous it looks on my nails. 

 The Impossible is a reddish pink jelly with hex glitters. 2 coats. I didn't notice until I started taking pictures that there were star glitters in there as well! Very interesting polish. The liquid sand as you can see is a very textured polish. Watching it dry to this gritty matte finish was the most interesting part.

Get Your Number is a blue jelly with holo hex glitters. 2 coats. This one didn't dry as gritty as the other three but it still had a semi-matte look to it.

Can't Let Go is a purple glitter. 2 coats. This is a very purple...purple lol I really like this one. The glitters look like a mix of silver specks in them and some purple hex glitters as well.

Stay the Night is a black base with pinkish glitters. 2 coats. This could've used a third coat, I didn't realize how sheer it was until I started taking pictures of it. This is by far the best color our of the whole liquid sand collection! The pink glitters stands out so much on the black base. 

I also put a top coat on each of the liquid sand polishes.

The Impossible with top coat. Oh hey look there's the stars!

Get Your Number with top coat

Can't Let Go with top coat.

 Stay the Night with top coat

The formula for these were excellent. They applied smoothly with no problems at all. The liquid sand were fun to play with. Watching it dry into the matte finish is quite interesting. My favorite from this collection is A Butterfly Moment and Stay the Night. Those two are a must have from this collection.

Which do you like? And what do you think of the liquid sand finish?

Disclaimer: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Swatches & Review

Good morning everyone. Today I have Nicole by OPI's Selena Gomez Collection to share with you. First off, I am a huge fan of Selena Gomez. I think she is the most adorable girl and I just wanna hug her! I fell in love with her after watching Wizards of Waverly Place, yes I'm a little too "old" to watch that but I enjoyed watching every bit of it :)

This collection consists of 14 polishes, 7 vivid colors and 7 glitter top coats.

Scarlett is a fuchsia pink shimmer. 2 coats. It's a very pretty and girly pink, this is probably the perfect pink for Valentine's Day.

Selena is a peachy pink with slight shimmer. 2 coats. This is so soft and perfect for the Spring, which I wish was here already (so sick of Winter) The silver specks are not that noticeable unless you look really close at it.

Spring Break is a bright pink creme. 2 coats. It's very pretty but not really unique, it's still a nice color and I cannot wait for her movie Spring Break to come out in theaters!

Love Song is a lilac creme. 2 coats. It's a gorgeous purple and again another pretty color for Spring.

Pretty in Plum is a purple shimmer with reddish tones. 2 coats. I love the 'glow' in this one. I was never fans of purple shimmers but this one is really nice.

Hit the Lights is a bright yellow creme. 3 coats. This is a true crayola yellow creme. Two coats was full coverage but I used three to even it out. I really like this type of yellow polish!

Naturally is a bubble gum pink creme. 2 coats. Nice pastel like color for the Spring.

Heavenly Angel is an iridescent shattered glitter. I did this over black to hopefully show the gorgeous iridescent glitters. Unfortunately this glitters were extremely hard to pick up, I felt like they were like the shaped glitters where you probably have to use a toothpick to pick up. The bottle is gorgeous though!

Stars at Night is a holographic silver bar glitter in clear base. We have seen a lot of bar glitters lately and I'm happy to see that, I just wish it's other colors other than the silver holo.

Confetti Fun is a multi colored glitter mix with silver micro glitters in a clear base. I thought this was just going to be a typical rainbow glitter but the silver shimmers in this made it quite unique!

Mi Fantasia is a blue/purple glitter with silver holo bar glitters in clear base. Very interesting combination!

Kissed at Midnight is a gold and silver glitter in a clear base. The glitters are a mix of hex glitters and micro glitters. It looks like mostly gold glitters but there are some silver in there.

Sweet Dreams is a mix of silver, aqua, and purple glitter in a clear base. I love the mix of the glitters! This happens to be my favorite glitter of the bunch.

Inner Sparkle is a mix of pink and lilac glitters in clear base. Again you probably only see the pink glitters but if you look closely there are mixes of lilac glitters in there! I love how it's two colored glitters instead of just one.

The formula for these were awesome. The only one I had problem with was Heavenly Angel, it was just hard to get the shredded glitters onto the nails. Majority of the glitters are unique and interesting in its way. Some of the cremes and shimmers we have seen before but it's still pretty!

Overall I am satisfied with the collection. This is a very cute collection and the colors are perfect for Spring. I have trouble picking out my favorite ones, but Sweet Dreams was definitely my favorite glitter!

What do you guys think of this collection?

Disclaimer: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Zoya Ornate Collection

Hey everyone. First off happy 2013! I know I am 11 days late, but I've been extremely busy. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even able to keep up with this blog. And I can honestly tell you, work sucks. If I really could make a living off blogging I so would..

Moving on, today I have Zoya's Ornate collection to share with you guys. When I saw swatches of this collection, I must have them and I went ahead to order it. A lot of holos!

Electra is a holographic bar glitters in a clear base. 3 coats This is obviously used as a top coat. This polish would be perfect to a glitter gradient affect.

Ziv is a gold foil with large specks of gold over it. 2 coats. Very interesting polish, you'd think it's a typical boring gold foil polish, but the golden specks added to it makes it very unique.

Storm is a black base with holo shimmers. 2 coats. Something about holo over black is just so stunning.

Aurora is a raspberry purple base with holo shimmer. 2 coats. The holo in this one definitely stands out. It's such a gorgeous combination.

Logan is a vibrant green with golden shimmers. 2 coats. This is a beautiful green polish, the flash of gold just adds the attention it needs.

Blaze is a red holo. 2 coats. Ok I am speechless. This has to be the most gorgeous and best red holo polish out there. It is not a typical red holo, where its a red base with those rainbow holographic flashes. The holo in this one blends with the red base which makes very, very interesting. This one is by far my favorite holo ever.

The formula for these were amazing. I had no problems with application. When it comes to holo polishes, we know that they don't really last on your nails (at least for me); the three holos from this collection lasted more than 3 days for me without chipping and only minor tip wear. I no longer have time to do my nails every day, so having chip-free nails is awesome for me right now.

Overall, I am super satisfied with the collection and felt it was well worth the money. The whole collection is gorgeous, and the colors are just amazing. If you're debating on which polish to get, Blaze is the answer!